PlayOne Games
PlayOne Games (EN)

Usage & Benefits

Utility and Benefit

  • Governance - PLO holders can participate in the governance of PlayOne Games to initiate agendas and cast their votes
  • IGO Participation - PlayOne Games Point (PLOP), which is acquired by staking PLO, allows users to participate in IGO. And depending on the number of PLOPs users have, ranks are classified into Beginner, Elite, Ranker, High Ranker and Hidden. PlayOne Games is a project that leads Klaytn's game ecosystem, and will continue to release high-quality game projects to users in the future. Accordingly, the demand for IGO participation and the need for PLO are expected to increase together
  • IGO V2 - PlayOne Games first targets Klaytn-based P2E game projects in the Korean market. However, in the medium to long term, PlayOne Games is targeting the Southeast Asian market. Southeast Asia is the most active and vibrant market. PlayOne Games plans to discover promising game projects in the Southeast Asian market and launch them on PlayOne Games. In the process of participating in IGO V2, PLO will be used as a utility token for IGO game token swap
  • Lucky You - Users can upgrade to a higher rank when participating in IGO by betting a portion of PLO through Luck You. The ranks to which Lucky You is applied are from Beginner to High Ranker.
  • Airdrop Boost - If PLO staking is added to the existing KLAY staking, holders can receive a boost at a higher rate than the existing airdrop rate.