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Staking Pool v2

Staking Pool v2 is a reward system for users who deposited $KLAY with PlayOne Games.
Upon staking $KLAY, users receive rewards according to the Reward Rate

Staking User Flow

There are three main steps to the Staking User Flow
(1) Deposit $KLAY for staking
(2) Connect Your wallet
(3) Staking $KLAY held in the wallet
We provide powerful incentives for staking by offering rewards to staking users.
For now, however, staking is available only for $KLAY, not other tokens or stablecoins.

Staking Reward

The Reward Rate determines the rewards in Staking Pool v2.
Rewards start to accumulate from the time of staking, and users can check how much rewards have been accumulated as the info is updated every hour.
And the accumulated rewards are automatically re-deposited once per day.

Unstake & Withdraw

  • Upon unstaking, users can withdraw after the seven-day lock-up period.
  • Rewards are not provided during the lock-up period (7 days from the time of unstaking).
  • Unstake requests may be requested up to 10 times at a time.
  • If a user does not withdraw within 7 days after the unlock, withdrawal is possible only after restaking.