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What is INO?

INO stands for Initial NFT Offering, granting investors early access to NFT purchases. Much like issuance methods like IEO, IDO, and IGO, INO originated from Initial Coin Offering(ICO). Just as ICOs helped early blockchain investors participate in token projects, INOs aid early gamers to settle into the game's ecosystem. Users help finance early-stage projects and help game studios develop the game’s ecosystem to expand.

Why NFTs?

NFTs can be anything; game items, characters, profile pictures, and even real estate in the virtual world. But what is the hype about? Why do so many people believe NFTs could pave the way to the next stage of gaming? Why do so many crypto VCs want to take exposure to blockchain gaming?
Perhaps the most exciting change that NFTs will bring to the gaming landscape would be related to value retention. Game items are more than just a tool. It represents how much you have devoted your time(or money) to a certain game, and it is one of the biggest reasons why people have emotional attachments to the game. Now imagine the game company arbitrarily changing your item specs or even worse case, deleting the item from your inventory without your permission. Although this scenario seems far-fetched, it has happened in the past and will continue to happen simply because all the in-game items and even your character belong to the game company, not you. Introducing NFTs to the gaming ecosystem will prevent this, as game companies will no longer hold possession thanks to the decentralized nature of blockchain.
You may still think, "Game companies still possess the power to devalue the items you own by flooding the game's ecosystem with better items. So what is the point of having complete ownership?" Here's where NFTs can get really interesting. As long as it is within the same network, your NFTs can be used in different types of services. One early NFT project, CryptoKitties, which accomplished little more than demonstrating the NFT technology, is a remarkable example. However, a company that had nothing to do with the original creators developed a racing game called KittyRace allowing only NFT holders to participate. By decentralizing property rights ownership and eliminating the need for permission to participate, NFTs allow organic expansion of the digital ecosystem.
Control over the value of digital assets is not a privilege confined to the original creators like in the past. It will be determined by how attractive the game is to pull various services and how much the creators are open to partnerships. Of course, it is difficult to tell which NFTs will be successful, which is why PlayOne for MBX offers you only the assets with the highest potential.

INO Procedure ​

Whitelist Participation

Whitelist missions should be completed for INO participation. There are 3 prerequisites for whitelist application.
1) Stake MBX
Token Depending on the project, MBX staking can be mandatory or optional action item. If it is mandatory, you will be able to see minimum staking requirements on the INO page.
2) Hold NFTs
Depending on the project, holding certain NFTs can be mandatory or optional action item. If it is mandatory, you will be able to see minimum NFT score requirement on the INO page.
3) Conduct Social Actions
Common social actions are follow a social channel, retweet a post, and joining a telegram channel.
  • Please be aware that if you unstake MBX or move NFTs from a connected wallet before the announcement of the whitelist winners, your whitelist application might be cancelled.
  • Each INO project will have a separate staking pool. Also, MBX staking and NFT ownership will have separate score systems to determine eligibility for passing the whitelist. For more information on the Whitelist mission by project, please check out the MBX social channel.

Whitelist Procedure

INO participation schedule will be as the following table below. Please note, INO participation conditions and schedules may vary depending on the project.
INO Schedule
WL Application begins
WL Drawing Period
WL Winners Announcement
NFT Buy - Phase 1
NFT Buy - Phase 2
*Phase 2 will begin immediately after Phase 1.
*If all the mystery boxes were sold on Phase 1, INO will close without Phase 2.
  • Phase 1(Whitelist Winners): INO In this period, only the winners of the whitelist are eligible to participate in INO.
  • Phase 2(Whitelist Applicants INO): In this period, anyone who participated in whitelisting can participate in INO. Depending on the project, whitelist winners maybe excluded from phase 2 purchase eligibility.

Purchasing Details

1) Mystery Box
All the NFT purchase will be in the form of mystery box. Purchased mystery box can be checked in “My Collection” from the menu. The status of the mystery box can be confirmed on the external page(
2) Item Grades
NFTs can be grouped into “series” and NFTs in the same series will have the same color.
3) How your MBX will be spent
When buying NFTs, the MBX staked for the project will be used first, followed by the MBX in the wallet. You will be guided to “Buy MBX” page if you do not have enough MBX in your wallet and staking pool.

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INO projects and schedules are updated regularly, so please keep an eye on them. INO project announcements will be uploaded first on Twitter. Please follow Twitter and get INO news!