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What is PlayOne Games?

Why P2E?

Welcome to PlayOne Games. PlayOne Games is the first P2E game protocol in Klaytn Ecosystem.

P2E, the front runner of crypto industry

The crypto ecosystem is evolving rapidly. As the 2020 crypto winter was over, services were starting to appear in earnest. It started with Defi and expanded to P2E, NFT and DAO in 2021. And the expansion of the crypto ecosystem is being integrated under the theme of metaverse in 2022. Gamefi, a compound word of Game and Defi, was created. As of the end of 2021, more than 50% of the active wallets in the ecosystem have been used for P2E-related services.

P2E, true metaverse world created by players

P2E is not just a game. Unlike Web 2.0-based games, Web 3.0-based P2E allows users to own the game world in the form of NFTs. Characters and items all become assets belonging to the player. If the data managed by the game company is lost due to the mistake, the character developed by sincerity for a long period of time will fly away. But there is no such issue in P2E games. This is because all items are stored as records in the blockchain, so they are preserved regardless of the game company's decision.
In addition, unlike Web 2.0, in which game companies take full control of game development, in P2E, the proportion of governance tokens allocated to users increases as the amount of time they play increases. Therefore, players and users gain the greater voices in the gaming world. In other words, unlike traditional games led by game companies, P2E is a true metaverse created by game players.

P2E, the ownership on the digital world

In the background of the reorganization of the crypto ecosystem centering on P2E, there is a strong demand for users to take ownership of the digital world. Just as people would like to own real-world real estate, stocks, and luxury goods, this basic desire is extending into the digital world.

What is PlayOne Games?

IGO(Initial Game Offering), the core of PlayOne Games

PlayOne Games is a project to support the growing P2E industry and expand the Klaytn gaming ecosystem. The most essential service to expand the ecosystem is the Launchpad, which releases new game projects through Initial Game Offering(IGO). IGO is a branch of Initial Dex Offering(IDO) which focuses on the game ecosystem among various crypto projects.
Launchpad is a familiar concept, and other chains are already using it to expand the ecosystem. Representative launchpads include Binance's BSCpad and Avalanche's Avalaunch. As the service does not yet exist in the Klaytn ecosystem, PlayOne Games, centered on the launchpad, is expected to play a pivotal role in expanding the Klaytn ecosystem.

PlayOne Games, more than a launchpad

PlayOne Games aims to become an integrated platform for both game users and developers beyond the general launchpad, limited to IDO / IGO. To this end, we want to create an ecosystem that creates close synergy between users and game developers by adding Airdrop, Game Aggregator, and NFT Pre-Sales functions in addition to the Launchpad.

3 Problems PlayOne Games solves

Although the P2E game ecosystem continuously grows, there is still no proper infrastructure to support it. There are three problems in the P2E ecosystem. PlayOne Games aims to contribute to the expansion of the game ecosystem by solving them.
1. Fragmented information channels
Users have to visit individual game channels to obtain P2E-related information, and are acquiring unified information. Time-consuming and informational accuracy issues arise here. On the other hand, fragmented information channels are also a problem for game developers who have to disclose and advertise their game projects.
Users want a channel where they can see information about P2E games at once, and game developers need a popular channel that users visit most for advertising.
2. Lack of initial sales channel for game assets
There has been no adequate channel for Klaytn-based P2E game projects to debut. Early adopters have a tendency to purchase game items for early gameplay. Game developers also want to attract these loyal players and activate the game projects through early game asset sales.
3. Lack of channel for game promotion
Airdrop is the most commonly used method to promote early game projects to users. By dropping some of the game tokens held by game developers to early users for free, they can inform their projects and provide rewards. From the game developer's point of view, selecting a channel with sufficient user pool for Airdrop is key, but there is still no channel with a well-integrated user pool.
As a comprehensive P2E game platform, PlayOne Games will not only provide opportunities to participate in IGOs, but also solve the essential issues for expanding the game ecosystem, such as information fragmentation and game promotion.

Krust Universe, the Lead Investor

PlayOne Games and Krust Universe will continue to collaborate strategically from a long-term viewpoint. PlayOne Games will pursue the Krust Universe strategy to rejuvenate invigorate Klaytn ecosystem, with the goal of becoming the "ultimate hub for blockchain gamers”. PlayOne Games will establish itself as a gaming hub for the development and extension of Klaytn's game ecosystem, connecting users, gamers, and related other infrastructures.
PlayOne Games will utilize Krust Universe's vast P2E network and launch P2E games on its launchpad. PlayOne Games and Krust Universe will lead the expansion of the game ecosystem through continuous collaboration.
Please stay tuned.
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